By Melissa Mollohan

Being a college student these days is synonymous with being broke.Well, Eastern alum Don McNay says he has practical financial advice in his latest book, “Son of a Son of a Gambler: Winners, Losers, and What to Do When You Win the Lottery.”

“The books hits a variety of themes that all draw back to the fact that I grew up as a son of a professional gambler,” McNay said. “There are several things that appeal to younger people.”

McNay added that gambling has become an issue in Kentucky with the gubernational election dealing with casinos.

“I don’t gamble much myself,” McNay said. “I know a lot about it though.”

Ironically, McNay’s first book was about former Gov. Ernie Fletcher, entitled “The Unbridled World of Ernie Fletcher.”

“I don’t think the governor liked it all that much,” McNay said. “It was more satirical. I try to be funny.”

But McNay’s advice in his book is serious. He said that 90 percent of lottery winners go through their winnings in five years or less.

In his 380-page book, McNay also intertwines his personal story in with the hard facts.

McNay likes to call himself a mix between passionate and funny.

McNay will be having a book signing on Wednesday, Jan. 23 at 7 p.m. in the Perkins Building Room A.

McNay said he is excited to share his work with the Eastern community.

“I love that. Eastern was a huge part of my life,” McNay said. “It means a great deal to me.”

A portion of the profits will go to the Society of Professional Journalists Bluegrass Chapter, of which McNay is the secretary.

McNay added: “If you ever win the lottery, call me.