By Laura Butler

Flipping through old yearbooks can make for a nice trip down memory lane. Laughing at your parents’ crazy hairstyles and gigantic glasses from the 70’s, groaning at those hideous Velcro shoes and seeing the transition from your dorky, awkward years of junior high to memories of senior prom and graduation. However, Eastern students have had nothing to look back on to remember their Colonel college experience. Now, for the first time in nine years, students will be able to purchase a lasting memory of the 2007-2008 year at Eastern.

Members of the department of communication and student affairs have revived Eastern’s Milestone yearbook.

Interest in the revival was first expressed on campus late last year. The department of communication decided reviving the Milestone would help create a nice collection of memories for students, said Deborah Givens, adviser to the Milestone. It also gives students interested in writing, photography and design another outlet to express their creativity.

Givens said the yearbook staff is moving smoothly, especially with the delay in getting started.

Because the final details for reinstating the Milestone were not laid out until this summer, the department couldn’t hire staff members or locate an office, computers, or camera equipment until the school year had already begun.

“Things are going more smoothly now, and I am looking forward to a great revived Milestone,” Givens said.

Givens said James Conneely, vice president for Student Affairs, was an integral part of the yearbook returning.

“He provided guidance and financial support, and truly brought together all the people needed to make it work,” she said.

The Milestone team has also received help from Renee Everett, chair of the department of communication, which has provided the yearbook with an office, technical support and computers. The group will team with Student Government Association in the spring, for promotional campaigns.

So what can students expect from this year’s Milestone? The 304-page book will be full color and published in a magazine format. Traditional events, such as Homecoming, sports and organizations will be featured, and senior and faculty portraits will comprise a large portion of the yearbook.

The staff will also include shots of construction on campus as well as concerts and other entertainment acts Eastern has hosted.

Givens said she encourages students who will be leaving Eastern in 2008 to take part in making the yearbook special.

“I urge all seniors to participate. This is one way in which seniors can show their EKU pride and participate in reviving the yearbook,” Givens said.

Seniors who want their pictures taken for the Milestone yearbook should plan to schedule a shot in February.

Yearbooks are on sale for $60 and can be purchased online at