By Joe Montgomery

For over a month I was missing out on a jewel of music that had been lingering on retailer’s shelves, but because the album’s quirky gathering of songs aimed more for the fans than the radio listeners, the CD lacked publicity.”Sawdust” is a compilation album of various B-side songs by the band the Killers. It is an album that would otherwise have been left to gather dust on studio shelves.

The CD has a collection of up-tempo songs uniquely crafted by lead vocalist Brandon Flowers, whose style has already made The Killers a successful band.

After the CD’s release in early November, I was surprised at what I found the first time listening to it. Different from The Killer’s previous albums, it stands out with superior mixtures of Indie rock and synth-pop that creates a very interesting listening experience.

If you get a hold of this album, be sure not to pass up “Romeo and Juliet,” a beautiful and heartbreaking song resembling the mixture of “sweet nothings” you whisper in your lover’s ear and a catchy tone that comes together as a emotional song about Shakespeare’s tragic couple.

Another great song on the CD is “Leave the Bourbon on the Shelve,” which is one of the album’s heavier rock songs about breaking up and trying to make the best out of heartbreak.

You don’t have to be a fan of The Killers in order to appreciate “Sawdust.”

Although the inside of the CD case says, “dedicated to our fans,” it is still packed with lovable songs for anyone.

Yet, I think the fans will value the album most by hearing various remixes and compilations of the songs they may recognize from previous albums.

Nevertheless, I found “Sawdust” to be a vital addition to my music library and my only regret was that I didn’t find this album sooner.