Eastern fans had little to be thankful for after Thanksgiving break. The week had come to a close and students came back to campus, only to hear of the carnage Eastern suffered.Was it the saddest week in Eastern Athletic history?

No, probably not.

Was it the saddest week in recent history?

Yes, most definitely.

Eastern played a major basketball power last week, and that shellacking will be discussed in a minute.

First, the Colonel football team deserves much respect and attention for what it accomplished this year.

With the exception of losing to Western, it was an extremely successful year.

The last time the Colonels were in a playoff game was a decade ago with legendary football god Roy Kidd at the helm.

It seems you and I’ve been spoiled as an Eastern football fan. Last year, we upset Western and brought down the goal post; this year we won the OVC and broke into the playoffs.

Overall we’re lucky, Eastern doesn’t wear purple like some fruity teams or have a stupid mascot like Western.

The OVC title and playoff birth let minds wonder to beating Appalachian State in the playoffs and maybe even a national title.

The way we are progressing as a program, who’s to say winning a national title won’t be on the agenda next year or the year after that?

If you had told me starting this season Kentucky would upset the number one team in the land and be bowl eligible for the second year in a row, I would have called you dumb.

I may have in fact called you dumb, if so I’m sorry, I was wrong.

Kentucky football did it, and if a program so oriented toward basketball can do it, Eastern can surely build another dynasty like the days of Roy Kidd.

Again, congratulations to all the Eastern football players, coaches and staff for making Colonel football once again a matter of pride.

Now on to basketball, o’ how you make me sad.

The Wednesday everyone went home for Thanksgiving (or Christmas part one), Eastern was playing at the University of Alabama Birmingham.

Though Eastern never got within 10 points, it wasn’t all bad. The Colonels looked as if they were having an off game, and with better shooting, could have won.

Unfortunatly, Eastern made the mistake Kentucky has made numerous times in the past.

Eastern played Duke.

Duke spanked Eastern, 78-43.

Just as Kentucky has been spanked by Duke the last six of seven contests between the two.

Eastern was the little kid who took the Lord’s name in vain, while talking back and opening Christmas presents early.

Duke was the angry parent that felt the child needed punished.

Anyone who watched the game on television knows the Colonels looked as if they didn’t even want to be there. Eastern lost by 35 points.

Maybe it was being off for Thanksgiving break, or that Cameron Indoor (Duke’s basketball Stadium) is one of the hardest places in the country to play.

I don’t know what it was, but I do know Eastern was handed a healthy dose of embarrassment.

Duke is currently ranked seventh; I understand that. The Blue Devils have a nationally renowned basketball program and one of, if not the best team in the nation this year.

As a fan, you always hold your team in high regard, you always expect the players to give their best to represent your university well. The team then represents you as a student of said university.

I want Eastern to be the Appalachian State of the basketball world, causing upsets out of nowhere. I know this won’t happen overnight, but Eastern did not play Duke to its full potential.

On the bright side, last year we played then-ranked-number-four Ohio State and lost by 29, then went on to win the OVC and played in the NCAA tournament.

This is not a rant because I dislike or am embarrassed by our basketball program, quite the opposite.

I antagonize because I care.

Go Colonels.