By Katie McBride

It’s almost here, and many students are already pulling their hair out because of it: final exam week. But one group of students will be relaxing during final exam week and showing off the work they completed over the last four years.

The senior art exhibition, which will open Dec. 2 in the Giles Gallery, will feature the work of the 14 seniors graduating with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

There will be many different kinds of art featured in the show, including jewelry, metalwork, ceramics, photography and graphic design.

Justin Chandler, a senior graphic design major, actually branded his own snowboard company and designed three snowboards and two posters, which will be featured in the show.

Chandler decided on his major in graphic design because he was interested in art and computers, and the major combined the two.

“This field also presents many great opportunities,” Chandler said.

Patrick Puckett, a senior graphic design major, will be showing roughly 10 sculpture pieces at the show.

Puckett said he hopes to go to graduate school and then pursue a teaching career in art. But he said he will miss his professors in the department.

“My art professors are like family to me,” Puckett said. “Without their encouragement and guidance, I couldn’t have done it.”

Mark Ballenger, also a senior graphic design major, will be presenting a short 3D animated film that he has been working on for the last semester.

Other than drawings in high school shows, this is Ballenger’s first exhibition.

When Ballenger graduates, he hopes to work for a while doing Web site development, start a business with his brother and eventually get his master’s degree and pursue a teaching career.

So if the next few weeks find you sitting in your room, reeling from a night of studying for finals, think about checking out the art exhibition.