By Jeremy Gibson

This last weekend was the toughest of my life. I broke up with my fiancée of four years.While it was somewhat mutual and we want to remain friends, it hurts.

It hurts like hell, and sitting back and looking at what happened, looking at my own memories, I can see why this happened.

First off, I am not here to gripe or feel sorry for myself or ask for anybody’s sympathy, I am here to say this:

The next chance you get, take a minute, that’s all it takes is ONE minute, to sit down with a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancée, whoever that important person in your life is, and explore your relationship.

Evaluate both of your goals and aspirations.

Talk about where you want to be in five years and how you both plan to get there.

Most importantly, ask one another what you do that drives the other crazy.

Be open and honest. If either of you have something you dislike about the other, say so; if the relationship is worth changing, your partner will make an effort to change.

And while living in the past is never a good thing to do, try to reminisce a little about good times you used to have. If nothing else, it will remind you why you are with this person if there is any doubt.

All of these are simple little things that don’t take any time at all to accomplish, but they may end up saving your relationship.

Communication is the key, and, while you may not like what you hear if you do sit down and have this conversation, it’s better to hear it now than later.

I know most people who read this are going to say, “Well yeah, that’s common sense.” But from my end, it is a lot easier to sit here and type these tips than it was to actually practice them.

I did not do any of these things, and it took our separation for me to realize that these were things I should have been doing all along.

Do not make the same mistake I did.

Sit down and look at your life; look at where you are in your life; look hard at the person you are with.

If a relationship with that person is worth saving, then a little hard work is all it takes.