By Ben Kleppinger

Many things in life are intuitive. Registering for classes is not one of them.For juniors and seniors who know the drill, registration might no longer be a big deal. But for underclassmen, who have only been through the process a few times, a little advice could be a big help.

One of the best things freshmen and sophomores can do is run their CAREs report and read it, said Sandy Kain, who works with the Eastern registrar’s office.

Then, meet with their adviser and follow their recommendations, she added.

Kain said students should take advantage of the Colonel’s Compass, available at The compass has all the important dates and information on how to handle registration errors, Kain said.

One of the most common errors students run into when registering for classes is a “link error,” Kain said.

The error occurs when a student registers for a class with a lecture and lab section and fails to register for the lab corresponding to his or her lecture, she said.

Kain said, as a general rule of thumb, when you look up courses on EKU Direct, the lab listed directly beneath the lecture section is the correct one. If you have any doubts or you still get the error, you can call the department that offers the class for help, she said.

Kain said another common mistake students commit is a “closed section” error. Students receive the error when they try to register for a class with no empty seats left. Kain said she recommends choosing a different section that has not reached full capacity or requesting a “capacity override” from the department offering the class.

Kain said many students also run into prerequisite and test score errors. If a student is taking a prerequisite for a class he or she wants to take next semester, they will need to get a prerequisite override from the department offering the class, she said.

Students can also run into problems if they have holds on their accounts, Kain said.

By clicking the “view holds” link inside EKU Direct, students can see which departments are placing holds on their account. If there is a hold on your account, you will have to contact the department that has placed the hold, she said.

Once they’ve registered for classes, students should print out their schedules and make sure everything is correct, she said.

But if students are planning to take all their classes on Eastern’s main campus, they should make sure none of the classes they have are inadvertently registered at extended campus.

Full-time students should also make sure they have at least 12 credit hours and notice if they have signed up for partial semester classes that begin and end on different dates, she said.

Students need to know important dates, like the last day to add classes or drop a class, Kain said.

Waiting until the last minute to drop classes can cause problems, because holds on your account can actually prevent you from dropping, Kain said. Kain said if all else fails, students can get help by calling the registrar’s office at 622-2320, or by emailing