On Wednesday October 31 I was walking through the Powell plaza while running an errand for my job. Before I could make it across the plaza I was approached twice by young men offering me pamphlets informing me of my impending damnation. Any other day I might have just walked away and ignored them or politely refused, but I was running low on patience that particular fall day. After I refused the second young man he followed me a few steps to ask me if I had any questions about his particular brand of Christianity. I suppose I might have responded harshly, but all things considered I believe that I had every right to call him out on his beliefs if he was so keen on putting them in my face. We talked about everything from morality to geology to history and at every turn Christianity crumbled in the face of cold hard facts and scientific data. I for one am fed up with these religious types and soap box ministers targeting us because we are students and seeking an education. It is the twenty first century and the amount of scientific data at our figure tips is astounding. Yet there are a depressingly large number of people who still insist that we need to cling to prehistoric ideas about how and why the universe was formed. That we should ignore fact and evidence that contradicts religious texts.

Everyone in our society should be appalled at fact that there is a large push to place this nation back in the grip of theist who feel obligated to hamstring scientific study and judge our behavior based on the ludicrous guidelines of hateful religious scriptures.

If what I am saying sounds impossible to you, let me remind you that it was religious thinkers that opposed the idea that the earth was round, that opposed the idea that the earth was not the center of the universe, that still have people convinced that the universe is only a couple of thousand years old, that opposed the idea of evolution through natural selection, that have opposed equal rights (or even freedom) for African Americans, that opposed the woman’s rights movement, that continue to oppose equal rights for homosexuals, encourage abstinence only sex education despite the fact that it doesn’t work, and think that their believes deserve a place in our schools beside scientific and historic facts. Are you serious?

We are here to get an education. An education that is free of fairy tales and superstition. It is time to put these absurd ideas behind us and move on. Religion has been proven wrong on historic, scientific, and logical grounds. In the past it is possible to forgive people’s reliance on religion to answer the questions of the universe, but that time has passed and we no longer have ignorance as an excuse. We deserve a world free of lies.

James Embry