Starving and in need of a hearty meal, I chose Quizno’s as my weapon of choice to conquer my hunger. It was my first time eating at this restaurant and I now wonder how I ever passed up those delicious subs every day.

It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Well . I am in love.

As I felt my stomach eating my spine, I drooled over the hot sandwich that I would soon consume as the Quizno’s employees prepared it on the opposite side of the glass.

Set up like an assembly line, my sandwich went down the chain and became a bigger, heartier meal as I instructed more and more to be piled on the bread.

I received the sub hot and fresh and was eating just a few minutes after ordering.

And, get this . I was full!

Yes, I ate a meal on Eastern’s campus and didn’t have to run back to my car and eat the granola bar I left on the seat.

If you’re watching calories, you will be happy to know that a regular-sized Quizno’s sub without dressing weighs in at a meager 470 calories according to the Quizno’s Web site.

That is three-quarters fewer calories than most other meals that the Fountain Food Court has to offer – and with almost twice the amount of food.

Ding, ding!

We have a winner for best restaurant in Powell.

The undeniable champion against the monstrous foe that is my hunger: Quizno’s.