(Amanda Wheeler)

By Laura Butler

Tiny Glover, the fifth comedian to perform as part of the One Night Stand comedy series, had the crowd howling Tuesday night in Keen Johnson. The room was packed despite the chilly weather and changed location. “I always get told I look like people on television: Ruben Studdard, Al Roker, the Chef from South Park,” Glover said mimicking the people as he named them.

He said he even got compared to Paris Hilton.

“Yeah, that’s hot,” he said.

The cost of college served as an icebreaker to open Glover’s routine.

When he asked how much it cost to attend Eastern for a year, he was surprised when someone said $5,000.

“Did you cut out a coupon or something, or is that the one class a semester plan?” he said.

Glover also told several stories about his trips around the United States and Canada. On a recent trip to New York, he visited his first taxidermy school.

“Now I think taxidermy is an art,” he said. “Have you ever seen a squirrel posing with his acorn, doing the Heisman? That takes some talent.”

Glover also traveled to Vermont where he said he thought he was the only black man in the state.

“It’s like I stepped on Sesame Street and they started singing ‘One of these things just don’t belong.'”

But in Massachusetts, Glover learned a valuable lesson about driving, he said.

“The Mass Turnpike is really the “screw you” Turnpike,” he said. “If you’re not going 190 miles an hour: screw you.”

He even joked Amish people were passing him, flipping him off and yelling, “Screw thee.”

Glover then sought participation from the audience, taking a picture with a student.

“OK, we’re going to call this picture “Number 10.” You want to know why? Cause you’re tall and skinny, and I’m big and fat, one and zero.”

Glover also did impersonations of people in the audience, Furbies, choking roosters and Smurfs.

Jodie Miller, a freshman pre-med major, said she enjoyed Glover’s animations.

“His facial expressions and eye motions really cracked me up,” she said.

Rob Bolender, a junior sports management major, said Glover’s humor was appropriate for everyone.

“He had jokes that fit everyone’s style,” he said.

Nathan Schiesler, a sophomore physical therapy major, said he was glad Glover came.

“(Student Life) have gotten some really good comedians this year, especially the last two. I’m glad more people showed up tonight. I think it’s going to be a big hit now.”

The next comedian, Andy Hendrickson, will perform Nov. 27 at 9 p.m. in the SSB auditorium.