Opening the show are the dancers featured in “Indian Rhapsody,” whose choreography is done by Dance Theatre’s director Marianne McAdam. (Tiffani Wheat)

By Melissa Mollohan

Not only is Marianne McAdam the director of EKU Dance Theatre; she also performs in the concerts. McAdam said she only performs occasionally, like when students ask her to be in their choreographed pieces.”I love it,” McAdam said. “It’s hard not to dance.”

Most students interested in Dance Theatre get hooked on the expressive outlet of dance. However, Eastern does not offer dance as a major, so most training for Dance Theatre is done outside of class and on the students’ free time. The students, along with McAdam, give so much time to Dance Theatre, it’s a “second full-time job,” McAdam said. But McAdam added that working with Eastern students is a joy.

“They come up with such amazing stuff,” McAdam said of the 14 student choreographers.

Josh Hobbs, an elementary education major, was one of three choreographers for the piece called “Within.” He said the piece is close to his heart.

“That piece is your own self-image,” Hobbs said. “It’s really cool.”

McAdam also said that every semester the dancers and choreographers change so the audience can expect something different every time.

“The audience needs to come with an open mind,” McAdam said. “We do dance as an art form [not just as entertainment].”

McAdam said she has been dancing since before she was born, and she had the opportunity to major in dance while in college, which she attended for 14 years to fulfill her education. She has been with EKU Dance Theatre for 18 years, and she said she feels as if directing Dance Theatre is her service to the community.

“I can use my brain,” McAdam said, “and I can use my body.”

She added that Dance Theatre is her life.

“I wouldn’t give it up for the world,” McAdam said.

Dance Theatre’s fall performance began Wednesday and continues through Saturday in the SSB Auditorium. Performances begin at 8 p.m. every night, with an additional performance at 2 p.m. on Saturday. Students can get tickets for $5 and all others can pay $8 to see the concert. Tickets can be purchased at the Alumni House or at the door.