(Reggie Beehner)

By Joe Montgomery

Just for the record, I love The Eagles. But there comes a time in every band’s career when it treads the line between living its prime and just washing out.

The Eagles’ new album, “Long Road Out of Eden,” is evidence this band has lost its luster.

Listening to the CD for the first time, I found it hard to tolerate the sounds flowing into my ears, mixing with the noise of my teeth grinding in an attempt to drown out the lyrics.

“Long Road Out of Eden” is a supreme failure in a struggling attempt for a band that once created beautiful music to regain creative dominance.

This album only spreads the band’s success too thin.

In the past, The Eagles’ music was fantastic and took the high platform for some of the best classic songs in music.

Yet, the only place these new songs will go in the world of music is in the trash.

Lyrically, the tracks lack effort, scorning any promising musical note that collaborated with the words.

Each song is little more than a monotonous stream of predictability that disappoints rather than serenades my ears.

I found myself constantly drifting away from consciousness, losing interest in the song that was playing.

I found far more entertainment in wondering if anybody ate that Chinese food in the fridge or if it was still in there getting stale.

Generally, I like to write a balanced article, with some good comments along with the bad.

But, I find it almost impossible to poise the equilibrium of this article when the album under scrutiny swings only one way.

Maybe I’m just a stickler for The Eagles’ old work, but I know one thing that I am not: a fan of the band’s new album.