By Ben Kleppinger

Sometimes we all have strange urges. For some, it’s a White Castle burger at 2 a.m. For many, it’s reality television. For others, it’s stealing street signs.Street-sign theft is a fairly common occurrence in Richmond, said David Evans, Richmond city manager.

Sid Raulins, Richmond’s streets and sanitation official, said there are specific street signs that get stolen more often than others. Among the streets topping the list are Oak, Breck and High Streets.

“Every couple of days they steal that one,” Raulins said of the High Street sign.

Raulins said the more popular street signs get lifted about once a month.

Officer Eddie Good said Richmond police do not normally catch the thieves in the act. Investigations also rarely produce suspects, he said.

If caught, thieves can be charged with misdemeanor theft, punishable by up to 12 months in prison, community service or a hefty fine, Good said.

Besides street signs, stop signs are also frequently lifted for ornamental display at home, Good said.

Good said many people are caught when police discover the signs during another investigation. Police might see the sign displayed in a home or apartment while there on another call, he said.