(Reggie Beehner)


Webster’s Dictionary tells us that to cheat is “to practice fraud or trickery,” or “to violate rules dishonestly.” But I am pretty sure we all know a cheater when we see one.The cheater is the person in the classroom who tries to peer inconspicuously at your paper. The cheater is the person making out with his ex while his new girlfriend is at home sick.

Basically, cheaters are everywhere. You’ve seen him. And to be honest with you, I hate them. OK, I don’t hate them; I just strongly dislike them.

If I see someone peering at someone’s test in class, then you can bet I will let you and everyone else know that I saw you cheating. If I see a person messing around on their significant other, then I will let you know I witnessed it. I ain’t scurred. And I will tattle (I am oh so mature, aren’t I?).

It’s not hard to punish people for cheating. They did wrong, so they should be punished in some shape, form or fashion.

One of my professors told me that she had problems with her students cheating in one of her classes. You know what that class was??? Ethics. How ironic and moronic.

I don’t think I will ever understand why people cheat.

Are they too lazy to do their own work? Are they dissatisfied with what they have?

I just don’t think people should cheat because it’s just not fair to the other people who have worked hard, whether it is in class, in relationships or on the football field.

I can hear my mom’s voice in my head saying, “Mo, life’s not fair. Deal with it.”

And I can hear my response, “No.