By Laura Butler

As the rain fell Tuesday night, the confines of O’Donnell Auditorium welcomed people from the muck, but also provided them a chance to enjoy some comic relief with the continuation of the One Night Stand Comedy Series with Dan Ahdoot. Ahdoot has appeared on the “Dave Chappelle Show,” as a finalist on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” and as a member of Comedy Central’s “Crank Yankers” and “Premium Blend.” And he took the stage at Eastern Tuesday as he hurled jokes about cultural differences, drinking, sex and dating.

He opened with jokes about his background as an Iranian Jew.

“I love my mom, but I did something really stupid and bought her a computer. Have you ever tried to explain a computer to an immigrant over the age of 60? It’s like trying to teach a turtle how to crochet; it’s very difficult.”

Ahdoot’s childhood memory of trading lunches in the cafeteria also brought some laughs, joking that while others were trading good foods like Oreos, he was trying to swap boiled chicken feet.

Woes of life were also included in Ahdoot’s routine. He talked about how he realized he was balding and decided to shave his head, only to find another discovery.

“Not only is my hairline receding, but it’s crooked too,” he said. “I don’t have a rectangle forehead. Mine looks like a rhombus.”

But this time, Ahdoot got the last chuckle.

“Hey, watch who you’re laughing at. Ya’ll are from Kentucky, I bet half of you can’t even spell rhombus.”

Ahdoot touched on the dating scene as well, giving some advice on cheap dates for college students.

“Dating is so much cheaper for you since you’re in college,” he said. “Guys, just have her over for some mac-n-cheese you made in the microwave and serve it on the table you crafted out of milk crates and covered with a sheet.”

Ahdoot also talked about rejection in dating. He sympathized with the guys in the audience by telling about one of his recent date nights.

“I came up to this girl at the bar, and before I could finish introducing myself, she turned around to her “posse” and said, ‘Girls, do I smell like a banana, because there’s a big hairy monkey talking to me.”‘

Ahdoot ended giving the crowd a taste of his work on “Crank Yankers.” He prank called audience member Collin Bell’s grandmother and left a voicemail saying, “Grandma? It’s Collin. I’m naked. Bye.”

Brandon Hare, a junior parks and recreation major, said he thought Ahdoot was funny.

“Even though he was a bit racist, I thought his jokes were smart and I liked the way he used the crowd so he didn’t have to have a routine. That made it really personal and entertaining.”

Chanee` Roberts, a freshman forensic science major, said she was surprised by how much she enjoyed Ahdoot’s performance.

“I actually thought it was really good. I was sure it was going to be lame when my friends talked me into coming, but I really enjoyed it. He definitely made me laugh.”

The One Night Stand Comedy Series will continue Nov. 6 at 9 p.m. with Tiny Glover.