(Travis Reynolds)


With its pivotal win over top-ranked Louisiana State University, Kentucky proved it was a football team to be reckoned with. After decades of falling over their own feet and forgetting they were an actual football team, the Wildcats have rallied to a 5-2 record with just two losses against top-ranked SEC teams.

Good for them. Yes, it is exciting to see UK get out of its years of rut and actually play ball, but, as the accolades and overrated BCS rankings pile up, another competent football team stands before us all.

And its not in Lexington. The team actually resides here with us, playing in Roy Kidd Stadium. Eastern students and Richmond residents need to wake up and start supporting their home team, even if that means dragging the Colonels out of the Wildcats’ shadow.

The Colonels are undefeated in conference play with impressive victories, and they have lost to only two teams, one being the new, formidable Kentucky team.

As Kentucky’s defense was taking a nap last Saturday, Eastern was defeating the only other undefeated team in the OVC, Tennessee State, in wrecking ball fashion. It was no contest.

UK walked away with another loss to a bitter rival, while the Colonels were walking away with Tennessee State’s number.

Not that we are comparing the two teams. One is Division is 1A, the other is Division 1AA. Division 1A gets more attention, right?

Maybe by ESPN, but UK should not be outshining the Colonels in their own backyard. If we are trying to choose between UK shirts or Eastern shirts on game day, the choice should be clear.

After all, Eastern is the team with the football legacy, not Kentucky. We have the wins and the championships. Kentucky mostly has disappointment.

And it’s really sad if our team shows up to a game and sees more blue than maroon in the crowd, if they see a crowd at all. Too many students who attend tailgating continue to party in the Alumni parking lot as Eastern goes to work on the football field.

It’s an interesting time in college football right now as teams who were once titans fall by the wayside, while underdogs such as Kentucky and South Florida rise to the occasion. The top-10 standings continue to change like a flash card, and the national championship is still there for the taking.

We can cheer. We can enjoy the success, but we should not forget to cheer for our Colonels, and cheer louder.

It’s OK to be proud of our neighbor to the north, but we shouldn’t forget about our brothers at home.