By Brittany Davenport

The search is on. What is hoped to be the next Eastern tradition kicked off Monday as students tried to solve clue number one for the Colonel Coin Challenge.

Student Life hid a coin on campus, and will post clues to its whereabouts on the Internet daily. Whoever finds the coin will win $200 and two tickets to the Emerson Drive concert in November.

Lonnie Scott, assistant director of student life and leadership, said he brought the tradition to Eastern after participating in the hunt himself as a student at Central Michigan University.

Scott said it was pure madness at Central Michigan, where students went to extremes, busting out the walkie-talkies and making maps.

“Hopefully we can have the same effect here,” Scott said.

Although he wouldn’t let any secrets leak, Scott did give a few pointers to students.

“Advice would be to check Web sites,” he said.

Scott suggested using ideas from the movie “National Treasure” and other code-breaking themed movies or sites to help with the bonus clues.

The student who solves the clues and finds the coin must bring the coin to the Student Life office to receive the prize.