It’s a shame when we start censoring ourselves. This year’s homecoming theme is “Mission: Maroon,” which originally was meant to be a spin-off of the 007 James Bond theme.

But the committee banned all images of guns, bombs and other weapons from this year’s homecoming decorations, according to an e-mail sent to registered student organization advisers and presidents.

Here’s an idea: while it’s at it, the committee should ban all themed banners, T-shirts, floats and stick-on tattoos.

Because a spin-off James Bond theme

without weapons is nothing but a man in a suit with a cool car.

And it’s a safe assumption that Eastern students are not interested in a Jay Leno homecoming theme.

The “Mission: Maroon” theme needs weaponry images.

It was students’ decision to restrict weapon images from homecoming decorations, said Skip Daugherty, homecoming committee chairman.

The committee decided to ban guns because, in the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre, forgoing weapon images at the homecoming would “save a lot of potential problems,” he said.

For example, if someone brought a replica of a gun, how would officials know what is fake and what is real? The committee wants a nonviolent homecoming, he said.

But, the last time we checked, drawings of weapons and fake guns have yet to cause a lot of blood shed.

And, it can be safely assumed that a fake gun in James Bond’s hand was not the direct cause of the Virginia Tech tragedy, which, by the way, was a rare incident.

It’s a shame we are so paranoid of campus terrorism we lock away our toy guns.

It’s sad when a committee takes the gun out of James Bond’s hand because it might cause “potential problems.”

A better alternative to a mission theme without weapons is a different topic altogether.

Maybe a Teletubbies theme.