By Clay Ward

What an odd yet eventful weekend for sports. Whether you hated it or you loved it, you were affected by it as a fan.

Number two on my “teams I root for” list (only behind Eastern of course) is my Irish, which claimed its first win on the season.

It was a surprise to the college football community; experts and analysts had been taking cheep shots all week at Notre Dame, like usual. They talked of going 0-8 or even having a winless season. Well that’s not the case; so chew on that ESPN.

Even if they’re not Irish fans, I’m sure most readers out there can appreciate Stanford’s slap in the face to the always-pompous Southern California.

This only added to the mayhem that has been college football this year. Ranked teams have fallen left and right, leaving only a handful of undefeated BCS teams.

With talk of undefeated teams, we’ll move on to Brett Farve.

Mainly because, as much as I would like to think the man is immortal, he isn’t. On the other hand, he may be the toughest football player in the NFL today.

If you argue this point, then allow me to present a way to prove it.

You and two friends go to an open space. Tell one friend to get a 10-15-foot head start and run into you. He shouldn’t just run into you, but he should also crash into your back while you attempt to throw the ball 50 yards down field.

While on your way to the hospital, think about that happening to you at 38 years old.

Anyway, Farve lost his first game to rival Bears ending his 4-0 start on the season.

Moving on to baseball.

The infamous Yankees lost their playoff series to the Indians.

The Yankees aren’t going to win the World Series again; weird.

OK, I lied. It’s not that weird.

While that’s probably all you need to hear because hate burns that deep, this time the rabbit hole goes further.

Even though they have the most talent of any team in sports, the Yankees can’t seem to put it together for another world title, and, as usual, manager Joe Torre’s job is in question.

His contract is up, and he’ll probably just quit. Why wouldn’t he? Why take scrutiny from New York?

I got some bad news for Yankee fans, they’ll be hard pressed to find another Joe Torre.

He won four World Series for New York and appeared in six in a 12-year span. Not to mention he held together the evil empire while a different all-star team was formed every year he was there.

I would talk about this more but I’ll be honest, and everyone reading may hate my honesty, but baseball is boring.

It’s not only boring, it’s also football season so baseball is right out.

Besides, the Yankees’ losing only means one thing for me, Red Sox fans annoying me to death about baseball. I was hoping that would end with the so-called “curse” being broken.

Though a week old, I feel it’s important to mention the U.S. women’s soccer team taking third in the world cup.

If you didn’t hear about this, don’t feel left out, neither did the rest of the American people.

I don’t want to leave you with only the craziness that is this week, so to level it out here are some things we are used to seeing.

The Bengals are in the news again, not for crushing the hopes and dreams of fans all around the city of Cincinnati, which is what they should be on the news for with a record of 1-3.

It’s a much more familiar tune to the word “suspension;” Johnathan Joseph is given a one-game suspension for substance (marijuana) abuse violation.

The starting corner will forfeit his right to play against the Jets on Oct. 21.

Another not-so-surprising fact for the week is our beloved Colonels football team is still taking names in the OVC.

The only losses on the year are from IA teams, which means if you are not playing for a bowl, we’ve got your number sooner or later sucker. Go Colonels.