By Joe Montgomery

“Good Luck Chuck” is the story of a guy who is desperately attempting to keep the girl of his dreams from falling in love with another guy. Cursed from childhood, Charlie is unable to find a girl of his own because of his ability to, through a form of luck, help girls find the loves of their lives.

Sleep with Chuck once, and you will find the man of your dreams.

“Good Luck Chuck,” in a fair attempt to be a sappy love story, only succeeded in being a crude comedy with an element of soft-core porn.

Apparently, if you take out a couple “F” words, you are able to keep the R rating and be able to throw in a minute and a half of straight sex scenes playing in cubes all over the screen like a checkerboard.

I can imagine the scriptwriters finding it so hard to stretch their creative imaginations that sex was literally the only thing they could come up with because that was all the movie consisted of.

I will be the first one to admit that I laughed when I watched this movie.

Dane Cook was able to throw out a few good one-liners, and his bumbling comrade in the film has his humorous moments.

But to be completely honest, if my friends didn’t already want to go see this movie, I would have gotten more satisfaction Friday night using my seven bucks that “Good Luck Chuck” picked from my pocket to buy 28 tokens for the Jolly Time Arcade, or maybe three packs of cigarettes.

“Good Luck Chuck” lacked so much creative talent that it could only be Hollywood.

It was a repeat of a thousand love story comedies that are release on a weekend and dead by Monday morning.

Other than the barrage of sex that came in the middle of the film, there was nothing in this movie I hadn’t seen before, and I can pick a hundred other movies that are better and funnier than Dane Cook’s performance.