By Ben Kleppinger

Christopher Carter is blindfolded. He reaches into a bowl of cards and pulls one out, crumpling it in his hand, holding it high above his head. “A woman with the initials CW say hello,” he says.Two girls in the audience say hello. “Oh gosh, we got a couple of you. One of you is a Christen maybe?” Carter says.

One of the girls responds in the affirmative. “Your husband would be a 38 triple D, if he had boobs,” Carter says. “Because he just likes boobs. Does that answer your question?”

The girl is stunned and responds that it does indeed answer her question.

Christopher Carter visited Eastern last Thursday and shocked audience members with his uncanny abilities. Besides answering the age-old question, “if my husband had boobs, how big would he want them?” Carter had audience members bending spoons, lighting up fluorescent light bulbs in their hands and generally making the impossible seem real.

For one of his first tricks, Carter had every audience member think of a number. He then brought the audience member who had guessed his number up on stage.

Carter had an assistant produce a cassette tape onto which he claimed he had recorded a prediction of what the audience member would be wearing.

The recording had been made the night before in another state, Carter said. The audience member, Jennifer Pelfrey, was dressed in black pants, a purple shirt, a hat with fake rabbit ears on it, and had a small rabbit figurine attached to her waist. The recording correctly described every aspect of Pelfrey’s clothing.

Pelfrey, sophomore undeclared major, confirmed she was not in on the act and said she had actually had other clothes on earlier in the day, but had changed before coming to the show.

Pelfrey’s little brother, Chris, was chosen for another trick in which he had to choose which staple gun, out of four guns, would be stapled into Carter’s forehead. The chosen staple gun contained no staples, while the other three were all loaded.

“That was just weird,” Chris Pelfrey said.

In another trick, Carter had an audience member write down any word while Carter was blindfolded. The audience member wrote down the word “booty.” While still blindfolded, Carter joked to the audience member, “I sense that this is a word that you have little or no actual experience with. But whatever this word is, I sense that you would really like to get your hands on it.”

Carter also performed more standard tricks, like correctly guessing what card audience members had picked. Carter admitted to the audience he used body language and “conjugate lateral eye motion” to correctly determine which card each audience member had.

“I read people,” Carter said. He said he started doing magic when he was 12, and realized at a young age he could tell what people were expecting to happen. He said he used this ability to do magic tricks that freaked people out.

Carter said he has been doing his own special kind of magic for 17 years professionally. Carter said he loves to make people say, “oh my god, you’re in my head!”

Not to worry though, Carter said, it’s not real. “I don’t literally read your mind,” he said. “But I come so damn close it will freak you out.