By Havanna Haggans

The Colonels drop to a 1-15 record after losing to Eastern Illinois 3-0 and Southeast Missouri State 3-1.In Charleston, Ill., the Colonels played Eastern Illinois in a three-match set with the Panthers ending on top.

Eastern trailed by five in game one, 13 in game two and 10 in game three.

However, the Colonels managed to out-block the Panthers 6.0-5.5.

The Amanda duo, Wilson and Fago, were the closest to a double-digit mark at nine kills. Brittany Nobilio bypassed the notch and settled at 15 digs.

Although the blocking boards were up for the Colonels, it was not enough to nudge out the attack of the panthers.

Southeast Missouri also took a nick out of the Colonels, but not without some improved efforts from the Eastern lineup.

Eastern blocked 7-5 against the Redhawks. Wilson returned 18 kills Saturday.

Teammates Fago and Leah Nelson each pinned up an additional 17 points. Bridget Mustard plastered nine.

There were also three players on Eastern’s team to earn double figure digs.

Nobilio doubled Friday’s record, bumping 30 digs against the Redhawks. Fago, who earned a double-double during the match, posted 15 and freshman Abby O’Connor tagged 11 more to the Colonels’ scoreboard.

Eastern was three points shy of the Redhawks, 30-27, at the end of game two and behind 2-0 going into game three.

After sliding past the Redhawks, Eastern continued to trudge ahead, winning game three by nine at 21-30.

However, the Colonels had to when to win two more games before they could clutch a match win.

Game four was the decision breaker at 30-25, sending Eastern home empty handed.