By Joe Montgomery

Dying of hunger and needing to write this article, I decided to eat at “Izzi’s Southwest Grill.” Lucky for me it was way past lunchtime, so I avoided any lines. The whole setup of the service counter was like a soup kitchen. It’s a long counter with stainless steel trays holding the food with silver ladles to scoop it out. You can order a taco, burrito, nachos, or whatever you prefer, and, like “Subway,” you pick the extras that get put on your food, such as lettuce, tomato, cheese sauce (recommended) and so forth.

Two tacos and a chocolate milk cost me $7.29. Although Izzi’s food tasted much better, I could have gotten any meal at “Taco Bell” for less than this price, and my drink refills would have been free! Or I could have paid slightly higher than this price and eaten at a sit-down restaurant and had my food and drinks served to me, and again with free refills.

Despite the hole it put in my wallet, the food was probably the best in the Fountain Court. Being a fan of Mexican food, I inhaled my tacos and then wanted more. Another brownie point for Izzi’s was my tacos were not puny. I was surprised to find my colossal hunger satisfied instead of just teasing it with a meager mouthful of food.

So if you find yourself on campus when hunger strikes, head down the line at Izzi’s. The food is good, and if you don’t mind paying for a good meal, then it’s just the place for you.