By Clay Ward

So I’ve noticed a change in the Bluegrass state during my time at Eastern.It seems many of you have started to take notice of the Wildcats.

With this new focus on the Wildcats playing something besides basketball, it seems the whole state is in support of the University of Kentucky.

The problem with Kentucky support is the lack of Eastern support showed around campus.

I see students everywhere with Kentucky shirts on. Why?

Kentucky also rivals Eastern in aspects other than sports.

We fight over students, state funding and some athletics. Don’t support another university in the same state. If you like Kentucky so much, why don’t you go there? It’s just up the road.

What’s next, students sporting Western T-shirts?

With that rant over, I can get back to Kentucky football.

I can’t help but overhear people on campus talking about Andre Woodson or how Kentucky could win the SEC.

First off, have there always been that many Kentucky football fans out there? Now let’s be honest.

At the beginning of last year, before UK made its famed first bowl game since before most the student body was born, most people on campus didn’t acknowledge Kentucky football as anything more than a joke.

I’d bet some people didn’t know they played football; they probably thought UK just had a club team that Louisville beat up on every year.

Now, since the bowl appearance and this year’s 5-0 start, people talk as if Kentucky bused the Bengal’s down to Lexington and get some real competition.

Kentucky is a good team, and I’m putting emphasis on the word “good.” The Wildcats have not played anyone that warrants the use of the word “great.”

Let’s recap Kentucky’s wins.

Beating 1AA, MAC and Sunbelt teams certainly does not earn any team the right to be in BCS bowl discussion. (This in no way is talking down about Eastern. UK just plays in a better conference that’s a division up and has more scholarships. Go Colonels!)

Louisville would have been a good win, but that team fell apart the next week against Syracuse, who put up its first win of the season against the Cardinals.

That leaves only Arkansas, who’s winless in the SEC. With a very one-sided rush offense, it’s not difficult to game plan your defense to that.

This isn’t all negative. I do believe Kentucky can contend.

But can it win the SEC?


Granted this is a team that has received national attention, is undefeated and has a legitimate Heisman candidate.

The upcoming three weeks will be the real test, with Kentucky facing South Carolina, Florida and Louisiana State University. If Kentucky can win two of the next three games, I too will jump on the bandwagon.

Until then, Kentucky fans need to calm down a bit.

To all Kentucky fans on campus, we have a team too. You may have heard of it. Its name is the Colonels, and it’s undefeated against 1AA teams and tied for first in its conference.