By Melissa Mollohan

Stereotypes plague high schools all across the world. Heck, they plague society in general.There’s the goths and the emos, oh, and don’t forget the jocks and even the nasty skanks.

Usually stereotypes are decided on by others, but my stereotype is self-inflicted.

Because I have to be honest with you; I am a nerd.

I’m not the kind of nerd with the short pants, suspenders and Coke bottle glasses.

I’m the kind of nerd who enjoys crossword puzzles, presidential trivia and dancing the Moonwalk.

In high school, people cheated off me. After all, I was number 10 in my class (this is my column; I can brag).

People think I am weird because I enjoy reading. I am all about continuing education through reading, even if I am learning how to be a bounty hunter in Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels.

I’ve been known to answer statements with a question and then cheer when I get it right. Oh, and give me a sudoku puzzle and I guarantee I can bust it out in three minutes.

Yep, I’ve been bitten by the nerd bug.