Comedian Micheal Dean Ester performed Tuesday night in the O’Donnell Auditorium for students (Reggie Beehner)

By Reynolds, Travis

Drinking, porn stars, telemarketing, and success were only a few of the talking points for stand-up comedian Michael Dean Ester Tuesday. “It’s Tuesday night at Eastern Kentucky University, and everyone looks… pissed,” Ester said.

Ester, whose comedic credentials include appearances on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and a recent stint on a Hawaiian cruise ship, performed in the O’Donnell Auitorium.

“But don’t think of me as a comedian,” he said. “Think of me as someone who had a dream, and has been living it for a dozen years.”

As the second performer to take the stage for Eastern’s One Night Stand series, Ester centered his stand-up routine around the theme of success. And though the performance was aimed at college students, it covered careerism and the real world.

“The only bummer about being self-employed is that it’s no fun to sexually harass yourself,” Ester said. “Bitching about work is our national pastime. Porn stars probably get home from work and say ‘If I have to have sex with one more hot, naked stranger…’ “

Student Life member Lonnie Scott said one of the major benefits of programs such as One Night Stand is to keep students busy and, therefore, out of trouble.

“They are basically done as alternatives to the typical party scene,” Scott said.

Ester’s commentary covered the party scene as well, relating the comedian’s college experiences with the current lifestyles available to Eastern students.

“The number-one thing you learn in school is this,” Ester said, “don’t play a drinking game after you’ve been drinking.”

He continued talking about his college experience later in the show.

“I wasn’t a psych major,” he said, “but I did date a major psycho.”

After discussing his views on incoming freshmen and contrasting them with outgoing seniors, Ester talked about the average student’s financial situation.

“Using a credit card as a college student is as irresponsible as drunk sex,” he said. “Sure, it feels good for two seconds while it’s sliding through, but then you have to pay for it… for the rest of your life.”

“Here’s everything you need to know about money,” Ester continued. “There are things money can’t buy. After all, look at Donald Trump’s haircut.”

However, the overall discussion point of the show centered around tying personal success into professional success, the comedian said. He recounted a story about his college adviser, who gave Ester a single piece of advice that changed his life.

Those three words were “do your thing,” Ester said.

He went on to explain this meant students should find jobs they genuinely enjoy doing instead of working solely to earn a living.

“If you do that,” he said, “you’ll never work a day in your life, because it’ll always be fun.”

Ester continued his discussion of careers by telling a story about an opportunity he had to meet the top brass of the Park Ranger Service. He said he had asked the ranger if the job carried a great deal of risk due to forest fires.

The ranger said that it was not wild fires that accounted for the most ranger fatalities a year. It was bear attacks, Ester said.

“How dumb are we as a society?” Ester asked the audience. “We never stopped to ask where Smokey got the hat!”

Afterward, Ester connected his theme of success with meeting professional cyclist Lance Armstrong, whom he said he considers the pinnacle of success due to Armstrong’s victorious struggle with cancer and seven wins at the Tour de France.

“Proving that an American with one testicle has more balls than any French guy,” he said.

The One Night Stand series will continue on Sept. 25 with comedienne Michelle Buteau.