By Savannah Campbell

Seven people may not seem like a significant number of members in a Greek organization on campus, but the students of Delta Omicron don’t let their small number discourage them.Delta Omicron is a coed professional fraternity in the music department at Eastern.

“The first fraternity for it was founded in 1909 and the first of our chapter, the Alpha Eta chapter was established in 1969,” said Rachael Dowell, the group’s president.

Secretary Shelley Harkless also explained problems the organization has faced lately. She said the group hasn’t received a lot of recognition so far, both on campus and in its own department.

“We have a lot of competition with the other two fraternities on campus,” Harkless said. “There’s Phi Alpha Mu, which is the male fraternity and also the female one, Sigma Alpha Iota.”

In order to join Delta Omicron, a student must be either a music major or minor.

Students also must have at least a 2.5 GPA or higher.

“The reason for that is we’re a professional fraternity,” Dowell said. “We’re not like AOPi.”

However, nonmusic major or minor students taking music classes are allowed in, too.

Second Vice President Brenda Waybrant is a performance arts major.

“I’m taking classes like Piano for the Performing Arts,” Waybrant said, “and Music Theory for the Performing Arts, stuff that a music minor takes.”

Dowell mentioned some of the actions Delta Omicron had done which their department overlooked.

“We bought the stands used in the practice rooms,” Dowell said. “We also cleaned the practice rooms.”

Members of the group aren’t too discouraged though.

“Quality over quantity,” Harkless said. Waybrant and Chaplain Jill Wagner agreed.

The group also works to serve the purposes they have outlined.

Some of these include campus and community service activities, like cleaning the practice rooms, fostering a fellowship through music, and giving material aid to worthy students.

This aid is one of the projects the group is working on.

“We fund the Mary Hinkle Scholarship every year,” Harkless said. “The woman who usually funds it is getting old, so this year we’re sending letters out to alumni.

That way we hope to make it a Delta Omicron alum fund.”

The group also worked on a musicale.

Publicity Director Jessica Breeding talked about what the musicale involves.

“We have to do a musicale every semester,” Breeding said. “It’s part of our fellowship through music.”

Breeding also said the musicale next semester will be entitled D.O. Does Disney.

All the performers this year were members of Delta Omicron.

Brent Faulkner who is also the group’s warden played Sophisticated Lady by Duke Ellington on the piano. Wagner played Gilbert Vinter’s Hunter’s Moon on the French horn.

Breeding, Faulkner, and Waybrant performed Color My World.

Dowell played Rochut #16 by Marco Bordogni.

All of Delta Omicron sang the opening keynote and the closing song, the prayer of the group.

Dowell explained how the musicale each semester is not exclusively limited to group members.

“The performance is open to people who are working on studio pieces who want to play for people outside the studio,” Dowell said.

Waybrant said this performance was a good chance for musicians to show their talent.

“Playing for your fraternity is one thing,” Waybrant said, “but playing in front of a group of people, even if you know them is totally different.”

In addition to giving music students chances to perform, Delta Omicron wants its membership to grow.

In order to increase the numbers, the fraternity is hosting an event.

“We’re having a game night Monday from 8-10 in Foster, Room 100,” Dowell said. “We’re going to pull down the projector screen and have Mario Kart tournaments for one thing and there’s going to be snacks.”

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