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By Kristen Miller

The Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center received a donation from Eastern’s Women’s Studies Program.On Tuesday, the Women’s Studies Program gave a $2,500 check to Angie Aaron at the center.

Each year, the Women’s Studies Program brings the Vagina Monologues to campus. The money raised by the program is divided up and given to two organizations. The first place is the V Day Foundation. According to the V-Day Web site, it is a movement to help stop the violence against women and girls.

Through the campaigns each year, college students and volunteers put on performances of the monologues each year. This year, $300 went to the foundation after the Vagina Monologues was performed on campus. The foundation demands that a portion of the money be given to a community agency that helps with sexual assault and violence.

According to its Web site, www.volunteersolutions.org, The Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center (BRCC) gives education, training and healing to help wipe out sexual assault and abuse. It also provides services to all rape victims and has many rape prevention and awareness programs to help educate the community.

Director of Women’s Studies Marta Miranda said they give the other half of the money to the BRCC because a lot of the time, Women’s Studies gets the first calls from faculty, staff or students who want to report violence or sexual assault. They also receive trigger calls, such as the ones that happen after a program like Take Back the Night, where many people share their personal stories about rape or violence. Women’s Studies can then refer the calls to the BRCC for further help and counseling.

“We’re very grateful to have the BRCC help. It’s a good partnership,” said Miranda.

Also, according to Angie Aaron who works for the center, because of the donations like the one from Women’s Studies, the center can continue to provide help for free to people who have been victims of sexual assault or violence. And according to Miranda, the money will only continue to increase as years go by.

“The money increases each year, and the attendance of the Vagina Monologues increases each year,” she said.

“We’re very impressed,” said Jennifer Thomas, a member of Women’s Studies.

Miranda also added that a lot of the time, the meaning behind the Vagina Monologues is mistaken and people miss a key part of what the program is.

“It’s called Vagina Monologues: Until the violence stops,” Miranda said. “A lot of people hear that word and think we’re talking about vulgar things.”

But Miranda is quick to point out that it’s not a dirty word and because of this belief, the BRCC is an organization that deserves the donation.

“The BRCC wants the violence to stop, too,” she said.

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