By Courtney Daniel

Several departments at Eastern will be playing their own version of musical chairs next semester. The completion of the new Business and Technology Building has caused a sort of domino effect, allowing several departments to move into new buildings better suited to their needs.

The Business Departments are moving from the Combs Building into the new Business and Technology Building except for the Department of Communications, which is moving into space vacated by the Business Department in the Combs Building.

The Department of Communication is moving out of Alumni Coliseum, making room for the Athletics Department to combine office locations.

The athletic department offices are currently split betwen Alumni Coliseum and the Begley Building.

“Certainly we hope that the moves accommodate student’s needs,” James Street, Director of Facilities Services said.

Spaces elsewhere are also vacating, but no decisions have been set in stone for those departments.

“We have been going through requests and deciding what fits best where,” Street said. “I expect in the next week or so, we will have those decisions made.”

Street said they consider things such as traffic flow and what is adjacent to what when considering which departments move where.

One of the departments to make a move is the athletics departement.

Assistant Athletic Director of Public Relations, Simon Gray said there are many benefits for the move.

“We will have more space. We plan to move the athletics public relations from The Begley Building to the Alumni Coliseum,” Gray said. “There will be more administration together and it will improve communication.”

The Athletics department will be in Begley and in Alumni Coliseum next year.

“The biggest advantage to the move will be more space and the ability to move more staff together,” Gray said.

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