By Nathan Peniston

On Thursday, students, faculty and coaches packed the first floor of the Powell Building for the ceremonial introduction of the new Colonel. Students were greeted with free shirts, cups, magnets, key chains, temporary tattoos and a slice of cake bearing the new logo.

Eastern Athletic Director Mark Sandy introduced the new Colonel. “We wanted to do this here because we’re so appreciative of what the students do to enhance the athletic program and how they show their support at games,” Sandy said.

The newly designed Colonel drew a variety of different reactions from students, but mostly positive comments.

Sophomore Josh Bray, a police studies major, had nothing but good things to say about the logo.

“I like the new look a lot more than the old,” Bray said. “It’s much more appealing and it’s a younger version to better fit the students.”

Freshman Katie Knnemeyer, a criminal justice major, agreed. “It’s really cool and modern,” Knnemeyer said. “It’s more tough and says ‘We’re coming after you’ to opposing teams instead of ‘Hey, I’m holding up the big E for you to come trample me.'”

The only complaint amongst the crowd was that the logo looks more like a cowboy than a colonel.

But whether colonel or cowboy, students agreed he’s a mean-looking figure.

“He looks a little bit like a Texas mascot,” sophomore broadcast major Kayla Frazier said. “But I like it because he looks intense and fierce and should scare our competition.”

Sandy said it takes several months and lots of decisions to change or enhance the logo for the athletic department, and he thinks everyone will like the change.

“New times call for new adjustments, and I like the improved look,” senior football player James Gaines said. “A lot of teams are updating and getting new uniforms and I think the new mascot would look sharp on our uniforms.”

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