By Courtney Daniel

SGA has planned several new activities for this semester while keeping old activities alive. “We’ve got a lot of things planned. This could be one of the most explosive years in recent history,” Mario Anderson, director of Public Relations for SGA, said.New activities planned for this year include trying to improve campus involvement.

Lance Melching, director of University Traditions for SGA, was allotted money to encourage student attendance at the upcoming Murray and Morehead games.

Melching received $2,190 from the SGA operating budget to buy products such as foam hands and T-shirts. He also received $560 from the SGA catering grant to provide food for both games.

SGA is getting ready to hold its annual rally for higher education. Eastern’s student government will join with other student governments to encourage students to contact their senator or representative. A rally will be held March 8 where students all over Kentucky will join to lobby in Frankfort for Higher Education. The theme of the rally this year is “Unbridled Potential – Keep Education Affordable.”

The faculty and staff are asked to encourage their students to write letters that will be delivered on March 15 to their representatives and /or senators.

SGA President Kyle Moon said in a letter to the faculty, “All of these events embody the spirit of civic engagement.”

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