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If you can’t find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, or if Cupid has lost your address, fear not. The love of Feb. 14 can still be found in films. The Progress staff has reviewed three of its favorite romance films for you to watch on Monday.

“When Harry Met Sally”

No matter how many romance movies hit the big screen, “When Harry Met Sally” will always remain a true classic.

The 1989 film stars Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal who meet when they take a road trip together to New York after college. At the end of the ride both are thankful to get rid of the other, but their paths cross again, and in time they become more important to each other than they ever thought they could be.

There is no doubt “When Harry Met Sally” will continue to touch the hearts of both those who’ve never watched the film before and those who still laugh uncontrollably at Ryan’s theatrical orgasm in the diner, even though they’ve seen it a hundred times.

The film shows love can be found in the most obvious places. If we just open our eyes and look around, even if we’ve missed it once, love can find us.

The Progress staff gives “When Harry Met Sally” four out of five hearts.

“Love Actually”

“Love Actually” is a great romance film. It isn’t just one love story, it is seven or eight stories intertwined.

The situations are true to life, for the most part. OK, so Hugh Grant playing the prime minister isn’t so “real life,” but there is an affair, a first love, the loss of a love and the search for a quick hook-up.

Also unlike real life, everyone ends up happy. It is a movie though and that is what we all want idealistically. Nobody wants to watch a romance film and have everyone end up sad and alone.

“Love Actually” is certainly a romantic comedy. It is an easy movie to watch and relate to because there are so many different love stories.

The Progress staff gives “Love Actually” four and a half out of five hearts.

“Love and Basketball”

There are so many love movies that make a Valentine’s list it’s hard to pick a favorite. “Love and Basketball” is a movie that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

This movie isn’t great because of basketball, but because it incorporates all the elements of a lovey-dovey movie that you would expect.

First of all, it incorporates a childhood romance. The idea of soulmates is always romantic.

Two, it has good love scenes. They’re not too graphic, but sexy and fun. Let’s be honest; we all know the love scenes are what make the movie worthwhile.

Three, there’s conflict and heartbreak. If a lovers’ spat doesn’t happen in a love story, it just doesn’t seem real, plus it adds tension.

And last, but most important, “Love and Basketball” has a happy ending. It is awful to sit through a tumultuous on-screen romance only to be disappointed when it turns out the way you didn’t want.

The Progress staff gives “Love and Basketball” three and a half hearts out of five.

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