Since my arrival here at EKU I have learned one inevitable truth. Men here have no idea how to attract women. Eeveryday as I’m walking down Lancaster Avenue to go to class some jackass has to roll down his window and yell,”Hey baby! Show me your ti**!” It doesn’t matter if I have on a tube top and a mini or sweats and a hat. It never fails.
Guys, when you do this, it doesn’t make us want to “hit that.” It makes us want to barf. What’s wrong with saying hi my name is…. Women don’t want to hear that “hey baby” crap. I don’t care if a girl has nothing on but a thong and a smile and has “five cents a screw” written on her chest. You still need to talk to her like a lady. I think my whole generation of men grew up without mothers. Well, atleast the vast majority. So guys, if you can’t get play the right way, try being a gentleman. It works everytime. (Just some food for thought.) -My Turn
Margaret Correll