I think the American people are overlooking the key issue facing this country. We are in the midst of a Holocaust and yet, we remain divided on how to perceive reality. I am told by others that “I am not pro-abortion. I don’t think it is a good thing. I would never do it.” Yet, we not only allow it to happen, we carry signs and proclaim that our civil liberties entitles us the freedom to choose whether or not we have a child. This choice is a matter of life or death; life or death is in fact the “choice.” I do have the choice to kill a baby in my womb or carry her to full term, just as I have the choice of whether or not to kill a person walking down the street. The only difference is that one is considered murder worthy of punishment, and the other is worthy of parades and marches.

I am scared for this country. We are making acceptable a reality that is so wrong and perverse. The civil rights of all Americans need to be respected. Because the unborn child can’t not speak up for her own rights, I will be the mouthpiece. I don’t stand for murder. No amount of rationalizing will make the truth less true.

I don’t condemn the women who have felt the pressure to have an abortion. I wish that they get the love and support they need in order to deal with the difficult decision they made. Society has failed the woman. Women deserve better than abortion. One day I hope to counsel the women who have had abortions. Although the choice was made, it is never forgotten. It’s not a choice when you feel like it is the only way.

Theresa Schumacher