By Megan Hansen/News editor

Last week’s four-hour Student Government Association Senate meeting did not leave every student group satisfied with the amount of money they were given. The EKU Tutoring Association was the last student group to request funding from SGA.

SGA Appropriations chair Katy Clipson explained that funding for student groups is done on a first-come, first-serve basis. Since the EKU Tutoring Association was the last group to apply for funding, The senate heard its request last.

Each student group has a senator sponsoring its request for funding. Shahed Jameel, president of the EKU Tutoring Association, was the association’s sponsoring senator.

“I think there was a breakdown in order towards the end of the meeting,” Jameel said.

Jameel told the senate he thought he didn’t get his fair share of time on the floor before a motion was made to end discussion on funding for the organization.

SGA’s meetings are run using Robert’s Rules of Order. Senators were given a copy of Robert’s Rules during the Sept. 21 meeting and told to look over the rules before last week’s appropriations meeting. Executive Vice President Colmon Elridge explained it is important to know how the rules work.

If a senator makes a motion to end discussion on a topic and another senator seconded the motion, the entire senate then votes to determine if discussion should be ended. If a majority of the senate votes to end discussion, discussion on the topic is ended even if other senators still want to discuss the topic.

During appropriations last week, discussion about funding for the EKU Tutoring Association ended before all senators who wanted to speak about the tutoring association were given the opportunity to speak.

“I don’t think (funding for the tutoring association) was discussed properly before discussion was ended,” Jameel said.

Jameel said if funding for the tutoring association had been heard earlier in the meeting, he thought more discussion would have been given to the group and that the group probably would have received some funding instead of nothing.

SGA President Lance Melching told the senate there is nothing that can be done according to Robert’s Rules if the senate votes to end discussion even if others want to discuss the issue.

“It can be very frustrating,” Elridge said.

Section F of Article V of the Constitution for the Eastern Kentucky University Student Government Association states, “Robert’s Rules of Order Revised shall govern the proceedings of the Senate except where in conflict with this Constitution or Special Rules of Order established by the Senate.”

Senator Reid Connelly was frustrated by last week’s meeting and suggested to the senate this week that special rules should be established so every senator who wants to speak on a topic will be able to before the discussion can be ended.

Melching said a resolution would have to be passed by the senate for special rules to be established. Special rules would not have to go through the entire SGA, just through the senate.

Jameel was not discouraged when the EKU Tutoring Association was not given funding last week.

“I’m more encouraged than ever,” he said. “I want this to be more pursued.”

The EKU Tutoring Association cannot ask SGA for funding again this semester, but it is available to request for interim funding, which will take place in January.

“Student groups can apply now for interim funding,” Clipson said.

There is $5,000 available for interim funding plus the $1,030.70 not allocated to student organizations last week.

“I’m going to apply for interim funding tomorrow,” Jameel said with a smile. “I want to be the first group to apply so it will be the first to be heard.”

In other business, more than $950 of Aramark grants was allocated to the three student organizations.

*The Student Council for Exceptional Children was given $212 for a faculty mixer, meetings, community events and teacher appreciation.

*The International Association was allocated $498.25 for the annual international banquet.

*The Black Union was given $249 for the Red, Black and Green Ball.

At 5 p.m. on Oct. 19, SGA will hold a joint meeting for all three branches of government in the Student Services Building Auditorium. During the joint meeting, revisions to the constitution and the bylaws will be discussed.

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