By Megan Hansen / News editor

The Student Government Association has been meeting for three weeks, and Executive Vice President Colmon Elridge is so upset with attendance he threatened Tuesday to replace the senate.”I have no problem replacing the entire senate if it comes down to it,” Elridge said.

This past weekend, SGA held its retreat for the fall 2005 semester. Of the 34 senators on the roll, 16 showed up.

“Of those 16 senators who showed up, four were freshmen who had been elected only two days before,” Elridge said.

According to SGA policy, if someone misses more than three meetings per semester, he or she will be removed from SGA. After Tuesday’s meeting of the senate, five senators had already missed their three meetings and were going to be removed.

“If you can’t show up to meetings, don’t be a part of SGA,” Elridge said.

Elridge said if the senators cannot be responsible, he will resign from his position.

Elridge said if the senators do not start taking on the responsibilities of their jobs he will be forced to take action, either resigning or removing members of senate.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the senate decided to table a resolution concerning the allocation of Aramark funds, which would prohibit members of the Interfraternity Council, Pan-Hellenic Council and the National Pan-Hellenic Council from asking for Aramark funds from the Eastern Kentucky University Student Senate.

The Interfraternity Council, Pan-Hellenic Council and the National Pan-Hellenic Council already receive Aramark grants each year.

SGA president Lance Melching said the presidents of both the Inter-Fraternity Council and the Pan-Hellenic Council were given the option to put their Aramark funding into the general student fund, and then members of the councils would be able to request funding from the general student fund. Both presidents turned down the option.

“It would be unfair to let (members of these councils) double dip in such a way,” Melching said. “I feel (passing the resolution) is the responsible thing to do.”

Melching said that passing the resolution outright might put some pressure on the Greek organizations to reconsider the option to put their money in the general student fund.

Jeffrey Conner, Interfraternity Council President, and Kacie McAfee, National Pan-Hellenic Council President sent a letter to senators.

The letter said they disagreed with the resolution because the Inter-Fraternity Council and the National Pan-Hellenic Council receive $1,400 a year from the Aramark food grant and if the money is divided equally among the 19 social Greek organizations, each organization would only receive $73.68.

The letter argued the resolution would penalize the 19 Greek organizations because a different body governs them all.

After a short discussion during the Senate meeting, the resolution was tabled by a vote of 14 to 12. SGA froze all Aramark funding until the resolution was discussed again and voted on.

The resolution will be discussed Tuesday at the senate’s weekly meeting.

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