Let me begin by thanking those who responded to my recent letter to the editor. It is encouraging to know that students care enough to voice their opinions. I want to take this opportunity to apologize to those who were offended by my generalization that a Kerry-Edwards supporter removed a Bush bumper sticker from my vehicle. I consider many Democrats/Kerry-Edwards supporters to be personal friends, including our SGA Executive Vice-President Colmon Elridge and College Democrats President Tracy Keller. These individuals, and many like them in the Democratic Party, are model citizens who care deeply about our nation and the issues that face us today. The vast majority of Democrats/Kerry-Edwards supporters would never condone an act of vandalism, and I wholeheartedly acknowledge this fact. Having said this, I want to emphasize that I am entitled to my opinion, and I made an assumption based on who I thought was most politically motivated to commit such an act. As for the letters written in response to my intitial submission, personal attacks have no place in politics. While I acknowledge that I made a generalization, and perhaps unfairly, I did not attack a single individual by name on a personal level. Most people who know me would agree that words like “wrongheaded”, “narrow”, “thoughtless”, and “simple-minded” do not describe me in the least. I resent these labels and all personal attacks hurled via the Eastern Progress. As for the College Democrats, I appreciate the invite to your meeting, which I am sure are conducted with the highest respect for the electoral process. I, however, will not be able to attend as I will be concentrating my efforts on re-electing George W. Bush and sending Republicans to all levels of government.