By Brittney Haynes/Assistant News editor

While many students feel they are not being provided with the necessities needed to live in a residence hall that has community restrooms, university housing is taking action. And yes, they are coming; paper towels are coming.Paper towels were removed from the restrooms about nine years ago after housing observed large amounts of vandalism and improper use, according to Kenna Middleton, director of university housing.

The towels did not appear to be a benefit to students, and due to budget cuts, paper towels were no longer offered, Middleton added.

Last year, housing reassessed the paper-towel situation and decided to do a trial run in Todd and Dupree Halls to see how paper towels would be used.

This year when students moved in, they were not provided with paper towels.

University housing removed the towels, again, to determine the best way to provide the entire university with paper towels.

Paper towels are a large budget item, according to Middleton. Housing is looking for the best price on mass quantities of paper towels without using more than one vendor, she added.

Some students feel like Darren Burrell, a sophomore of Dupree Hall.

“They raised tuition, but we can’t get paper towels,” Burrell said. “It’s berserk.”

Other students feel like Glenise Major, a freshman of McGregor Hall.

Major explained that after using the restroom, students are unable to wash their hands, therefore spreading germs. “It’s nasty,” Major said.

Michael Padgett, a sophomore, of Todd Hall said if the school can’t afford paper towels in the restrooms they need to look at where money is going.

“If Kenna Middleton wants to improve the 10-year plan, she needs to have the necessities college students want and need,” said Nick Wentzel, a sophomore of Todd Hall.

“We are looking at bringing paper towels into the bathrooms relatively quickly,” Middleton said.

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