By Progress staff

A new restaurant opened Monday in the Fountain Food Court on the first floor of the Powell Building. Izzi’s Southwest eatery offers mainly Mexican flavors such as big and lil’ ole burritos, macho nachos and alotatacos.Two Progress editors and I decided to have a meal at Izzi’s on its opening day to see how the food was.

Cindy Held/Studio editor

I ordered the lil’ ole burrito and was given the choice of chicken, steak or beef as the meat: I chose chicken. A veggie burrito was also an option.

The first thing that struck me about the burrito is that it was not lil’. I got my money’s worth when it came to the amount of food I got.

Chips and salsa are also given with your order. The chips were very salty, but the salsa was good.

Izzi’s reminded me of other chains of Southwestern restaurants like Chipolte.

I think Izzi’s offers a new taste to the food court and is a welcome addition.

Catherine Richardson/Copy editor

Monday afternoon was my first visit to Izzi’s and it won’t be my last. I ordered a chicken soft taco. You can also get hard tacos.

The wide variety of toppings impressed me because I could choose from over eight different toppings and soon my taco was overflowing.

I am not a big fan of spicy food, but lucky for me, both the salsa and the taco had a mild flavor. I believe Izzi’s Southwest flavor is a wonderful change from pasta, pizza, chicken or burgers.

Kasey Doyle/Accent editor

I ordered an alotataco, and let me tell you, that was alotafood.

I chose to eat a soft chicken taco with lettuce, tomato and cheese. I was also given tortilla chips, salsa and sour cream with my meal, which was an added bonus.

I found the food to be quite tasty and not quite as spicy as I expected. The price was also reasonable.

I will definitely be eating at Izzi’s again; it is a change from the usual restaurants in Powell, and it offers students a little taste of the Southwest.

We give Izzi’s an average of four out of five palettes.