*This letter was sent as an open letter to Christopher Thomason in regard to his letter about the theft of his Bush-Cheney bumpersticker.

To Mr. Thomason:

The College Democrats would like to extend our condolences to you in regard to the recent theft of your Bush-Cheney bumper sticker and magnet from your vehicle.

However, no member of the College Democrats takes accountability for such actions, nor do we feel the need to condemn them.

We feel it is a somewhat simple-minded generalization to link the Kerry-Edwards’ supporters to that of criminals capable of stealing personal property and thus disrespecting your First Amendment rights. We democrats, too, are “freedom loving Americans” and do not disregard individuals’ rights granted under the Constitution.

We would advise you to recognize other individuals who could be responsible for this act, including those who are neither Bush nor Kerry supporters. More likely, the culprit of this act could be none other than an avid Bush fanatic who liked your stickers so much that they wished to place your bumper stickers on his/her vehicle in support of your candidate. Or, perhaps, is it unimaginable that your magnetic sticker could have simply fallen off?

Mr. Thomason, if you wish to further address your complaints toward our party and presidential ticket, feel free to attend our weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 4:30 p.m. in the McCreary Lounge.

Furthermore, Mr. Thomason, Democrats will be standing strong and in great numbers Nov. 2 at the ballot boxes ready to regain the presidency and place Kerry at the “helm of government.”

Tracy Keller, Jeremy West

Student members of the College Democrats