By Kasey Doyle/Accent editor

For rent:A spacious two-bedroom apartment, one bath, utilities included, $500 a month.

Three-bedroom townhouse, two baths, $650 a month.

One-bedroom apartment, one bath, utilities included, $375 a month.

Moving Out

When many students reach their junior and senior year of college, they often long to escape from dorm life, and many students decide to move into an apartment off campus.

Students may enjoy the thought of freedom, but hunting for an apartment can be a long process.

Brian Arnold, a senior emergency medical care major from Mason, Ohio, has lived in the Eastern Commons apartment complex for one year.

Arnold said the aprtment is spacious and includes five bedrooms and three bathrooms, and it is located near campus.

Arnold is just one of many upper-class students at Eastern who live off-campus and rent an apartment.

Becky Chenault, vice president of Foxglove Rentals, said many tenants that rent from her business are Eastern students.

“I think (students) are a good base for our business,” Chenault said. “Hopefully they will always be there for us.”

Chenault said although she enjoys having college students rent from her company, there is a specific procedure students must follow in order to rent from Foxglove Rentals.

Application Procedure

Chenault said students must go through an application process before they can qualify to rent an apartment. Students must pay a $20 application fee, and the application can take a few days to process.

Frank Morrow, owner of Morrow Rentals Shade Tree Apartments, also said students must go through an application process before renting from his business.

He said he does not require an application fee, and once a student has been accepted they must pay a deposit plus the first month’s rent.

Morrow said the deposit and rent depends on the size of the apartment.

Chenault said Foxglove Rentals requires a deposit, and students must meet three criteria before their application can be accepted.

Chenault said she looks at the student’s work, credit and rental history before accepting the application, and students must meet two of the three criteria.

Chenault said many college students do not have a credit history, so Foxglove Rentals offers a parent responsibility form to students under 25.

The parents of the applicant sign this form and parents take on the responsibility of making sure rent is paid.

She said all tenants living in the apartment must sign the lease, which is usually set up for six months.

“We’re real pleased with the students,” Chenault said. “I want to support them.”

Rules and Regualtions

Chenault said there are certain rules that come with renting an apartment. No pets are allowed at Foxglove Rentals and tenants may be evicted if they receive three complaints against them.

“We try to keep some kind of control,” Chenault said. “We try to be fair and diplomatic. Evictions occur constantly, but it is not just students who get evicted.”

Morrow also said Morrow Rentals has rules against pets and partying.

“We have a quiet area here for tenants,” Morrow said. “We want to keep it that way.”

Morrow said most of his student tenants are upper-level undergraduate and graduate students.

“We have had a good run of students,” Morrow said. “We have had a good relationship with the students we have, and we don’t have a lot of problems.”

Chenault said she expects students who rent from Foxglove rentals to “pay rent on time, be a good citizen and obey the rules.”

Picking a pad

She said Foxglove Rentals tailors to the needs of students by matching them with an apartment that fits their requests, and many students want apartments that are in close proximity to Eastern.

Arnold said he and his roommates were looking for a relatively cheap apartment near campus with space for at least five people.

Arnold said he was successful in finding an apartment that costs about $200 a month, but utilities are not included in the monthly rent.

Foxglove Rentals includes utilities in the monthly rental fee, but if utilities are abused, the tenant must pay for the extra use.

Chenault said Foxglove Rentals offer one to three bedroom apartments. The one bedroom apartments range from $325 to $475 a month, two-bedroom is $400 to $700 and three-bedroom apartments are $650 to $750.

Morrow said monthly rent at Morrow Rentals includes partial utilities like water, sewage and garbage. Tenants are required to pay electric, and monthly rental fees vary.

Apartment benefits

Both Morrow and Chenault said there were benefits to living in an apartment.

“It is quieter,” Morrow said. “You can do your work much better when you don’t have to live in a dorm.”

Chenault said privacy, independence and responsibility are three reasons students should consider living in an apartment.

She said it is their first chance away from the support of their parents, and their first chance at learning how to be independent.

Arnold said one the most important benefits to living in an apartment is good parking.

“You don’t have to lug groceries three miles across campus,” Arnold said. “If you have the last spot in Lancaster you might as well not buy milk because it will spoil before you get to your dorm.”

Despite the benefits of apartment life, Arnold admits there are some negative aspects of living off campus.

“I am less active in campus activities,” Arnold said. “But I love apartment life. I would never move back on campus.”

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