I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m no literary genius, but I love to read. Novels are my choice of reading material, but I’m not biased. I just love books in general. They seem like a dying breed to me.

I remember one semester hearing classmates talking next to me about never having been in the library. I couldn’t believe it.

My whole life, I’ve had books at my disposal, and my parents always took us to the library.

It just seems second nature for me to go to the stacks and pick out a book every now and then. I think all students should.

Many of us go to the library as a place to study, but how many actually search the electronic card catalog and check out a book of interest?

I write this as a challenge to everyone who’s never been in Eastern’s library or has never checked out a book. Go and wander around the third and fourth floor until you find something you want to read and get it.

Reading makes you think, and it’s so much more interactive than other forms of entertainment. Plus it’s free on campus, and they don’t charge late fees.

I’m not criticizing other entertainment outlets, and you can call me a nerd, but reading is something that shouldn’t die out because it’s not as convenient as we’d like.