With more and more technology pouring into the classrooms, Eastern has been given an amazing opportunity to increase the level at which students learn.Some benefits, such as Blackboard, which allows students to have online communication with their professors and other students, and the new Smart Rooms, which make class visuals much more appealing and useful, are just two ways technology has improved at Eastern.

Despite these advancements in technology, however, it seems there are some Eastern professors who actually prefer chalk-covered clothing and the Xerox machine to the use of thousands of dollars worth of equipment right at their disposal.

Some even go so far as to complain about the new equipment being in the way of traditional classroom tools and appear eager to switch to a non-Smart Room if given the chance.

Professors should not shudder at the thought of technology. Instead, they should embrace it and use the resources available through Information Technology and Delivery Systems to learn as much as they can about how the new equipment works and how it can help their instruction in the classroom.

It is senseless to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on technology when only a percentage of professors actually use it. With Smart Rooms only representing 29 percent of campus classrooms, professors should be lining up to use the rooms, not giving them away.

Part of a professor’s job is to accommodate to new ways of teaching whether that be new ways of thinking, new discoveries in their field or new technology.

If professors aren’t expressing an interest in the new technology, Eastern may not continue to receive new equipment, and that will hurt everyone, students and faculty alike.