*Head of Household is a semester-long series profiling each of the Residence Hall Coordinators at Eastern.

Kyle Fray appears to fit in well with Clay Hall.

The hall’s theme this year, Next Steps, is not only a reflection of its upperclassmen residents but its new residence hall coordinator, as well.

Fray, who spent two years as a resident assistant and two more as a hall director at Arizona State University, is settling into his new role as an RHC.

“It’s a weird transition,” Fray said.

And with all of Clay’s residents being upperclassmen, Fray said he is the new guy, and people are still warming up to him. But he’s taking it in stride.

“There’s a lot of opportunity for me to grow and learn in this role,” he said. “My job is never the same from one second to the next.”

Fray, who turns 28 Sunday, grew up in south central Connecticut, but his family moved to Arizona when his father’s job was transferred right after Fray’s high school graduation.

At ASU, Fray received his bachelor’s in education and anthropology and his master’s in higher education. He said he took his position at Eastern when his wife, Kristin, enrolled in graduate school at the University of Kentucky.

He said he scouted out different universities in the state and settled upon Eastern because of the university’s overall programming and the school’s size.

According to ASU’s Web site, almost 49,000 students were enrolled there last fall – making it three times the size of Eastern. Fray said this was a welcome change.

He also said he liked the university’s “Students First” motto.

“People need my help, and I’m here to help them,” he said.

So far, that’s consisted of myriad room changes, broken air conditioners and people locking themselves out of their rooms.

But he said his job goes well beyond that at Clay Hall.

With the hall’s residents having already become accustomed to living on campus in previous semesters, Fray said he could concentrate on building a community.

“They’re not just simply here and studying; they’re learning and living,” he said.

That’s what the Next Steps program is all about. Fray said the program is designed to help upperclassmen look beyond graduation, help them build resumes and even teach them such life skills as dining etiquette.

Hall council elections were held Wednesday, so Fray said he looks forward to implementing some of these activities soon.

As for his next step, Fray isn’t sure. He said his RHC position should last for two or three years, but he’s too focused on getting it started to look too far ahead.

However, he did say he wants to move further into student-affairs work.

“I enjoy working with college-aged students,” he said. “It’s a lot of fun for me.”

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