By Cindy Held/The Studio editor

The international education office and EKU libraries are presenting an international cinema series free to the Eastern community this semester.According to librarian and co-coordinator of the series, Rob Sica, a series of 10 international films were shown this summer, and they seemed to be a success.

“There is already a stable core of enthusiasts, which I expect to grow as the term progresses,” Sica said. “So I expect the audience to grow and the series to continue.”

Along with Sica, Neil Wright of the foreign language and humanities department and Sarah Tsiang of the English and theatre department got the idea for the series together.

“Each of us shares a passion for perspective-broadening and challenging movies of widely varying provenances,” Sica said.

Sica also thought students wanted a more challenging and thought-provoking film experience than movies offered in multiplexes and would benefit from the series.

“I think people stand to benefit from watching and thinking about international films not only because they help one develop an appreciation for cultural diversity and common humanity but also because they are irreplaceably powerful instruments of self-enrichment,” Sica said.

According to Wright, the series acts as a cultural-enrichment program to expose students at Eastern to a variety of film styles, post-modern cinematic themes and techniques and cultural environments across the world.

He added the films are not rated because they were not made for the general American market. Although this doesn’t mean the films are vulgar, there are ideas and images in some films that would be disturbing to children.

There are 13 films yet to be shown in the series, and all are free. The screenings will take place at the Crabbe Library in Room 108, except for “The Dreamlife of Angels” and “Young Adam,” which will play in Room 128.

Wright also said four Japanese films will be shown in mid-October that will coincide with a special Japanese program overseen by Greg Engstrom of the library staff.

The next film to be shown on Wednesday is from Iran and titled “The Circle.”

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