A recent administrative shake-up has brought in a new provost and vice president of academic affairs, vice president of financial affairs, police chief, director of alumni affairs, chief of staff, ROTC commander and director of information technology and delivery services.Change is a part of life; we know. Such a large number of change at one time, however, sends a message of instability.

The new provost and vice president of academic affairs, for example, is No. 4 to serve under the Glasser administration.

Dusty McCoy, president of Eastern’s Foundation Board, told The Progress last week university President Joanne Glasser’s raise was important to show potential donors the university has a “good, stable leadership in place.”

Proving to others Eastern has a secure management team will not be solved by retaining just the president. Leading a university requires teamwork by a group of leaders familiar with the institution.

The Foundation has said stability is important to them – now it’s time to prove it.

Whether these changes will be good or bad for the university, only time will tell.

But if these changes are as positive as administrators say they are, we should do everything we can to keep the new team here.

A constantly shifting set of leaders hurts us. With each wave of newbies, the group must take time to become oriented with Eastern. With challenges such as operating without a state budget in front of us, we simply don’t have time for key administrators to get their feet on the ground.

We need strong leaders to act in our best interests, as new challenges to the university occur. Let’s hope we can keep the team we have now and not watch another group play catchup again.