This an open letter to the person who had their Bush-Cheney sticker torn off their car on campus. I first want to say that the author of that letter to the editor was a victim of vandalism, and he has every right to be angry over that malicious act. I do, however, take offense at the accusation that the vandal was a Kerry supporter. Using a crime as an excuse to bash those who do not agree with your own point of view or who support another candidate is as petty and shallow as those who commited the act. As former president and current member of the EKU Greens I do believe the act of vandalism was unfortunate and anyone who activly supports a candidate, whomever that may be, should be lauded for being politically active. The fact is though, that lumping all Kerry-Edwards, or those who just don’t support Bush-Cheney, supporters in with vandals is narrow and thoughtless.
Cullin Weiskopf