Hi all you Progress readers! I’m Cindy and I’ll be taking over The Studio after the former editor and creator of the page, Katie Weitkamp, passed her torch of entertainment on to me. So first and foremost, thank you Katie. I hope I can fill your shoes. So it’s the beginning of another school semester and where has the summer gone?

Seriously, where did it go? Two minutes ago spring semester was over and now we’re back again to face the daily stress and torment of classes.

I know these are probably the easiest years of my life from now on, but when I think about more classes, tests and being broke, I want to cry.

Well, maybe I’m being too dramatic, but I really feel like summer was a big let down. I guess time flies when you’re having so much fun taking summer classes and/or working.

What happened to the good old days of K through 12 when summer consisted of laying around the pool, hanging out with your friends and catching up on all the wonderful summer TV?

And besides the summer flying by, what is going on with the weather (at least here in Kentucky)? August has felt like October and the rain has been non-stop. I’ve only gotten the chance to fry myself for that summer glow twice, so now it’s August and I’m as pasty as I am in the winter.

For all my complaining, however, a little teensy, tiny part of me is excited to be back in the college atmosphere and expanding my brain.

So welcome back everybody old and new to Eastern! I hope your summer felt longer than mine.