In regards to the theft of Bush-Cheney paraphernalia from Christopher Thomason’s car: I agree that this was a nonsensical and thoughtless thing for a person to do. The right to free speech has been violated, and I think it was both correct and important that this was reported in The Progress. Having said that, it is assumptive and careless to immediately blame campus Democrats and Kerry-Edwards supporters for this action. Unless the thief took the time to indicate her own political beliefs in the space left by the absence of the Bush-Cheney sticker, such an accusation cannot be reasonably made. Any number of people from any number of political affiliations could have removed the sticker, including disenchanted Republicans who no longer support Bush and who do, frankly, exist. There are also many other such factions of the student body to consider: those who are registered as Independents, like myself; there are those who haven’t adopted a political party, perhaps even anarchists; and let us not forget that college campuses always have their fair share of recreational vandals, as well as those who are merely pulling pranks for kicks without any political agenda whatsoever. In short, the assumption that only a Democrat could have done such a thing is not only wrong-headed, but also absurd. Such a counter-attack is rarely ever productive, and while I know that this incident is particularly emotionally charged because of the political sentiments involved, it is not fair to attack a community of persons who, by and large, are also “freedom-loving Americans” who believe that every Bush-Cheney supporter is entitled to brandish that belief in just the same way that every Kerry-Edwards supporter is. Megan McHale
Graduate Assistant