By Megan Hansen/News editor

An upgrade to Eastern’s IDs system will be an ongoing project, said Jey Marks, assistant director of student involvement and leadership. “These new ID cards are totally digital,” Marks said. “This is a new key-turn system we are switching to.”

Marks said the upgrade will be done in three phases.

For students living in the residence halls, their new student IDs will be able to unlock the front door of their building, said Marks.

“We anticipate and hope we will be able to start checking the technology in the dorms by late December or early January,” he said.

The instillation in the residence hall will begin this fall, Marks said.

“We want to have plenty of time to check the system and get the bugs out before we start using the system,” he said.

Unlocking the front doors of the residence halls is not the only new feature for the new IDs.

The new cards will give access to the new Fitness and Wellness Center, Marks said.

“Students will have to swipe their cards to get into the new center,” he said. “The equipment is there to do it, but we haven’t set it up yet. We are working on getting it hooked up.”

The technology will eventually be in place where students will be able to do laundry by swiping their cards and using money on their cards.

New student ID pictures can be taken in the lobby of the Powell Building. New ID’s can be picked up in the Colonel 1 Card office on the main floor of the Powell Building.

Students will be able to use their flex dollars, dinning dollars

and their colonel cash using their new student ID’s.

Marks said the university will have to re-card over 22,000 students, faculty and staff.

“We hope to be printing new faculty and staff ID’s by the middle of September,” Marks said.

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